Our Nursery

We are growers, producing a wide range of high-quality trees, shrubs, and perennials for the wholesale market. We operate a cash and carry service for all sizes of horticultural businesses. We are also plant traders and have an extensive list of high-quality suppliers in the UK and Europe this enables us to fulfill all plant requirements you may have.

Our People

Our team of highly skilled friendly staff work hard to produce a wide range of crops and keep the nursery in tip top condition, which we hope that you find an enjoyable and beneficial experience to visit. 

Our Stock

Around 85% of our stock is home grown and we are proud to be a British grower and supplier. We source 9cm liners, plugs and bare root perennials from UK suppliers and grow these on to 2L perennials up to 60L specimen shrubs. Our extensive tree stock is produced from sourcing bare root British grown whips in winter and potting these into 38L air pots which produces a tree with and outstanding root formation to greatly enhance the establishment after planting. Our tree stock starts at 6-8cm girth up to 20-25cm girth.