Summer News

Summer News

We have been potting away during the winter and spring and now our hard work is paying off! We have plenty of new stock becoming ready for sale every week and with this warm weather, it is looking fantastic!!

Our new tree crop will be ready for sale shortly. We grow these in either Grow Bags or Air Pots with both methods producing a good root system with no spiralling. This is important as it aids a successful establishment when planted. We use the Air Pots for the trees which are difficult to root by conventional methods, as this system produces a fantastic fibrous root system.

As you may have seen, an Air Pot is essentially full of holes. As the roots grow to each hole, the tip dries out and is killed, producing branching further back. This gives a constant pruning effect, producing a tree which gives excellent transplant success and future growth. A genius, technological invention that we widely employ.

Perennials – a new crop for us in 2014!!

We have great pleasure in announcing our new perennial range for 2014.
As many will know, we have mainly been growers of trees and shrubs with a slightly lacking range of perennials!!!

We are delighted to announce that Tony Braiden – formerly of Hookley Herbaceous Nursery – has decided to collaborate with us and he is growing a range of herbaceous plants here at Van Arnhem Nursery. As this is our first year of production, we are developing our range and we will increase this during the season and into next year.

We have now reached the milestone of producing perennials for three months. They are looking varied, vibrant and vivacious – bursting into colour. Take a look at the perennial section to see the range we offer.

Cultural notes for summer:

Watering and feeding are the key for all new planted areas. Given the rain we have had in the last few weeks it is easy to become complacent, especially if you have recently planted trees and hedges. The leaves of newly planted trees and hedges can deflect the water away from the root ball so it’s a good idea to dig a little hole near the plants to check the soil is actually moist around the root zone.

This is especially true for trees as they have large root balls – therefore its takes such a long time and plethora rain for the water to penetrate right to the bottom of the root ball.
We recommend drip irrigation wherever possible as this saves water and as the water flows so slowly, it penetrates into the soil rather than just running off, which is often the case with over-head or hand watering.

Remember though, and hour or so of drip irrigation is never enough and can stimulate shallow roots. We find it is better to run the drip for 4-6 hours, twice a week (maybe three times, if it is very hot). This ensures the water seeps to the very depths of the root ball.

It also provides a period of wet and dry which will stimulate the plants to produce more roots deeper down, aiding the future establishment of the plants. Success!

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