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Climbers are beautiful and give exotic fragrances and colour. They are versatile – an excellent choice for all sized gardens, taking up little ground space; covering arches and pergolas, providing vertical interest outside and can help provide dappled shade and privacy for seating areas.

We produce a varied range of climbers in 3 litre, deep containers. All are trimmed and grown up three, 3ft canes, to produce a good bushy plant that will grow with excellent and inspiring results.


Climbers stocklist

Clematis Belle of Woking 90-100 3L
Clematis Duchess of Edinburgh 90-100 3L
Clematis General Sikorski AGM 50-60 2L
Clematis Jackmanii Superba 90-100 3L
Clematis ‘Lady Betty Balfour’ 80-90 2L
Clematis macropetala Markham’s Pink 90-100 3L
Clematis ‘Miss Bateman’ (P) AGM 90-100 3L
Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ (L) 90-100 3L
Clematis Polish Spirit 90-100 3L
Clematis Rouge Cardinal 90-100 3L
Clematis The President 3L
Hedera canar. ‘Gloire de Marengo’ 30-40 3L
Hedera helix Glacier 90-100 3L
Hedera helix Goldchild 90-100 3L
Hedera helix ‘Green Ripple’ 30-40 3L
Hedera helix Kolibri 90-100 3L
Hydrangea anomala petiolaris 40-50 3L
Hydrangea seemanii 90-100 3L
Jasminum officinale AGM 50-60 3L
Jasminum x stephanense 90-100 3L
Lonicera henryi Copper Beauty 90-100 3L
Lonicera henryi 90-100 3L
Parthenocissus henryana 90-100 3L
Parthenocissus quinquefolia 90-100 3L
Parthenocissus Veitchii 90-100 3L
Trachelospermum jasminoides 60-70 2L
Trachelospermum jas Varigatum 70-80 3L
Wisteria in cultivar 90-100 3L